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November 6, 2009
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A compelling love story behind One man's labor of love. It is the compelling true story of the building of the Taj Mahal - one man's immortalization of his love for his wife.

On this deathbed, William Shakespeare calls his lawyer to his side to set out his final will and testament. As he answers his lawyer's questions, the playwright begins to recall his life, and the true life of the man emerges. This is Shakespeare as we have never been able to know him: angry, emotional, honest, reflective, joyous, despairing - we will never think of him in the same way again.

Jutland 1916
The story of the greatest navel battle in World War l and the largest navel battle in history.

What if your favorite childhood stuffed animal came to life when you were an adult? That's the dilemma facing Aubrey Grey, who begins to question her sanity and a lot of other life choices in this offbeat fantasy comedy.

I Know a Place
An American businessman gets stranded in a magical British town populated by eccentrics and more than a few surprises.

Miguel de Cervantes' ordeals during his five year imprisonment in the ghastly underground prisons of Algiers are the basis for the film Quixote, which posits that the insanity and fantasies (both daydreams and nightmares) that plagued Cervantes during his tenure were a source of inspiration for his later masterwork, “Don Quixote”.

Whispers Like Thunder
Based on the true story of three sisters who fought with shotguns, axes and the law, to save their Native American ancestors’ burial ground. At a time when Native Americans and woman barely had any legal rights, respect or voice, the Conley sisters proved that our spirits continue to live beyond death through those who come after us.

Salvation Of The Soul
In the style reminiscent of “Babel”, Salvation of the Soul follows 4 individuals on a journey of self-discovery. Four separate stories happening on four separate continents. Although each of these stories are set in the tragic world of what 4 million poor children with unrepaired clefts in developing countries face every day, this is a story of redemption. A story of damaged people who find redemption in the broken faces of these helpless, forgotten children.

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